South Paris Collaborative

South Paris Collaborative
Denton Avenue School

1050 Denton Avenue
New Hyde Park NY 11040


December 18, 2009
President of the World
Teryl Mullins
United Nations Building
2 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr.President,
The Economy group is using the information from the scientists to decide what different jobs will be on Artrix. Also, what money can be made of on this planet and what to call this new money on Artix.
So far, we've decided that the money will be called Airos because we will be living on Artix and we wanted to choose a name similar to the Euro in Europe. We wanted the money to be called Airos like Euros because we liked the sound of it. We will make our currency out of gold because we know Artrix has gold mines on it. We are calling our gold-coins are going to be called poogles.

We know that we can start jobs in Artrix. From our knowledge of social studies we know that we definitely need doctors for our health, teachers for education, builders for shelters, buildings and factories, and we need fisherman, farmers and hunters to gather food. We also need clothing makers or designers to produce clothes. According to the scientists there gold and trees and animals. There is also oil and oxygen too. We need loggers because we will need to have someone to get wood for the fire to cook and keep warm on cold days. We need builders because we need someone to build us house so that we are protected. We need fisherman because we will need someone to get us fish from the sea, ocean, lake or rivers. We will need traders because if we find other people on Artix and they have what we need, we will give them something like money so we get what we need to live. We will need clerks because we will need to go somewhere for food and to give that person the money we payed for the food. We will doctors and nurses because we need somebody to take care of us when we are sick or injured. We will need pharmacists because we might need someone to give us the medication we need from the fields to get herbs and make medicine. We will need bankers because we should have someone to give money to keep safe so no one steals the money. We need hunters because we will need someone to get us meat for us to live.
All of these jobs will be on Artrix and people will make a living out of them. According to the scientists we have enough material to start these jobs on Artrix as soon as possible.

Team Economics
Anna, Barath, Tal, Caitlin














Dream Extreme

Kennedy Elementary School
2860 North Keene Way Drive
Medford, OR 97504

December 18, 2009
President of the World
Teryl Mullins
United Nations Building
2 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear President Mullins,

We are the students from Medford, Oregon, who have been asked to help to make the Economy on the new planet, Artrix since the world will be ending due to an asteroid bolting into it. We have learned from our scientists about the resources on Artrix that we will be able to use. We have also decided about the jobs people can have and about how people will pay for what they need.

People will not use money to buy things when we get to Artrix. They will trade for things. Our plan for what we are going to do when we get to Artrix is we are going to find materials to hunt with and give the food to people that move from earth to Artrix who need food. Then, the people that live near the woods and have lumber will trade with us things that we need in order to make houses and businesses like wood and stone to make buildings and metal ore that they dig up in the ground. We will also trade animal's skins to make blankets and clothing. Then we'll start trading things once we have buildings to make businesses.

The jobs that people have and the things they can trade with will come from where they live and what resources are near them. People that live on farms can trade crops, people that live near the ocean and lakes can trade fish, and people who are hunters can trade meat. We can also trade materials for stuff we don't have like tools and art and supplies.

There are also natural resources that can be used for making materials and for building and technology. The western hemisphere of Artrix has deposits of the following resources: gold, silver, copper, uranium. Some more resources are: nickel, mercury, limestone, bauxite, coal, pumice, clay, agates. The major recources we have are rich, fertile soil for farming, and water recources such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Things you could use these resources for: (according to
Gold: Jewelery or money.
Silver: Jewlery, money or electronic devices.
Copper: Electrical wiring, making metal alloys, tools, rooftops or housing materials.
Uranium: Nuclear fuel.
Nickel: Stainless steel and for copper nickel alloy.
Mercury: Barometers, diffusion pumps, fluorescent lamps, street lights, advertising signs, and many other things.
Limestone: Used in glass making, in toothpaste, bread and cereals as a source of calcium, paper white, purify sugar, brake pads, wools and dyes, climbing walls, suppression of methane explosions in underground coalmines, manufacture of quicklime (calcium oxide) and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), used to create steel by using it in a blast furnace.
Bauxite: Used in cement, chemicals, face makeup, soda cans, dishwashers, and other aluminum products. It is recycled so that it can be used over again.
Coal: Burned to produce electricity. Coal is also used in iron and steel production, cement manufacturing, in the production of coal tar, and home heating.
Pumice: Used as a dental abrasive, abrasive hand soap ingredient, polish ingredient, landscape stone, soil conditioner, and cosmetic skin abrasive.
Clay: Used for ceramic materials, pottery, clay tablets, bricks, cooking pots, art objects, dishware, musical instruments, paper making, cement production, chemical filtering, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, adsorbents, soil conditioners, nutraceuticals, mineral supplements, and water filtration.
Agate: Jewlery.

The different kinds of buildings we can have are decent size restaurants and we also need to bring fuel from Earth to Artrix so we can have gas stations. There is no evidence that there is oil but we can dig in our spare time just to see if we can find it. The jobs we will have are restaurants, mills, dairies, clothing departments (so we will be able to have clean clothes), farming and we will have companies to make us food to put in grocery stores. Also we should have drive through and sit down restaurants so if we are on the go we can quickly get a good meal and if we aren't on the go we can sit back, comfortably, and enjoy our meal. Now we'll make sure everyone has a safe place to be until the houses are made.

The Economy Committee
McKenzie, Ashley, Taylor, Kevin, Brittney, and Aleah