South Paris Collaborative

South Paris Collaborative
Denton Avenue School
1050 Denton Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
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President of the World
Terry Mullins
United Nations Building
2 United Nations Plaza
New York,NY 10017

Dear Mr.President,

We're the food group and our job is to research what foods will be found on the Eastern Hemisphere of Artrix. We've got news that according to our scientists, the area is located near a river. Fresh water will be available for drinking and fresh fish for eating for the people that are living in this area.
Also, we can plant crops because the scientists said that near the river there is flat land called plains. Plains are ideal for farming. Also the soil is fertile so we can grow crops like fruits and vegetables. That leaves room for farms so that we'll be able to raise animals then eat them.
The animals that can be found on Artrix that can be eaten are black bears, coyotes, beaver, skygers, whales, sea-lions, dolphins, big horn sheep, foxes, turkeys, eagles, hawks and white tailed deers.
We will put three females and three male in each pen of each animal. Then, at least one of the females and the males will mate. Then they will mate, and then have calves. In conclusion, we'll have more of that animal! But other than giving meat, some animals such as chickens and cows give other kinds of food for us. We will also wait until they give milk and eggs so we can eat and drink it too. We will get more food and nutrition!
We can use tree branches to make them have a pointy edge so we can stab them into the animals then eat them.
We can use wood to make fishing rods so we can catch salmon.
According to the scientists we can transport five animals from where we live. We are going to transport pigs, cows, horses, sheep and chickens.

Thank you for your attention. We hope for the best.

Food Group
Halla, Nicole, Blake, and Niko




Dream Extreme

Kennedy Elementary School
2860 North Keene Way Drive
Medford, OR 97504

December 18, 2009

President of the World
Teryl Mullins
United Nations Building
2 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear President Mullins,

We are the food group from Mr. Cosand's 5th grade DreamExtreme class and we have figured out a survival plan for Artrix using information from our team of scientists.

When we first get to Artrix we will need to be able to eat right away. The scientists told us that there are animals like ones we have here on earth that we would be able to hunt for eating.There are large animals that can be hunted like deer, elk, antelope, big horned sheep, mountain goats, bears, beavers, squirrels, pheasant, and quail. These animals would give us meat when we first get on Artrix until we can start our next stage of food. Also, in the oceans, lakes and rivers there are lots of fish that we will be able to catch and eat.

We can also gather food on Artrix that is like what is on Earth like berries and fruit from apple, pear and cherry trees. There are many different berries on Artrix that are like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and others.

There are rumors of more unusual animals such as skigers, (skunks and tiger hybrid) but most animals on Artrix can be used for food sources. Some would be tastier than others. The skin of larger animals can be used for clothing also. Smaller animals can be used too but it takes more work.

In stage two we can grow crops like corn, wheat, barley, oats, and a lot of vegetables and fruits. We can make bread and other stuff with the corn and grain. We can also use it to feed the animals on our farms. On the farms we can raise domesticated animals like cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses.

When we have been on Artrix for longer we will open restaurants and other food services that will make good tasting food for the people. We will have many food resources on Artrix that our scientists have told us will be good to eat.

DreamExtreme Foods Group
Taylor D, Brandon, Deontae, Crestina, and Nadia