South Paris Collaborative

December 18, 2009
1050 Denton Ave,
New Hyde Park, NY

President of the World
Teryl Mullins
United Nations Building
2 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. President of the World,

We are the homes/shelter group. We model the houses for the remaining survivors of earth. We have found resources in the planet to build houses. The resources we are using is clay, rocks and logs. We found these resources because we met the scientists and they told us. This is how we are going to model houses.

We found a solution for modeling a house on Artix. The house is going to have wooden logs for support on the outside. Rocks are going to be used to support the outside of the house with the logs. The clay is to support the logs from the inside. It also is used as a frame for the whole house. The clay is used to paste the rocks together. The clay is the most important part of the house. The roof is going to be in a triangular shape so the rain can slide off the roof. We know that there is rain because in the meeting, they told us there are a lot of storms. The roof is still made of clay with strips of wood. The house has to be stable because there are a lot of storms. We got that fact from the scientists.

We are making this house because of the climate. It is very windy and stormy on Artrix. The weather is temperate, which means that the weather changes every four seasons. We can't build an igloo because it will melt and it won't protect us. We can't make a house that is a tent because it will blow away in the wind. We will need to have a house that will protect us from the weather.

We hope this house succeeds for the faith of the remaining humans.

The Homes/Shelter group
Caitlin, Daniel, Samantha, and Alvin




Dream Extreme

Kennedy Elementary School
2860 North Keene Way Drive
Medford, OR 97504

December 18, 2009

President of the World
Teryl Mullins
United Nations Building 2
United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear President Mullins,

We are the DreamExtreme students and, as you know, a speeding asteroid is heading to earth. This means that the people of earth are depending on us to come up with a solution to save them and keep them from losing their lives. Luckily, we have a solution! Our science experts have told us that there is another planet where the people of Earth can live. It's called Artrix. Our group has been asked to make a plan for the homes people will live in when they get to Artrix.

We heard from the experts and they said the ground is solid so we will have no problem making homes on it. The trees on Artrix are strong enough to be used for wood to build houses. Trees can grow on Artix because there are four seasons similar to earth and rich soil. We will make homes on Artrix out of wood, brick, stone, metal, straw and thatch. We need to be able to make strong houses on Artrix, because lightning and storms are common! Tornadoes and hurricanes aren't that common, but they could happen. If the homes aren't strong the people won't be safe and they could lose their houses or their lives.

There are going to be three stages for building homes on Artrix. Stage 1 is going to be a tepee, Stage 2 is going to be a log cabin, and Stage 3 is going to be a normal house like we have on earth. Our idea for building the tepee is to take small but strong trees. Then, we will tie the sticks together with sinew. Next we will sew animal skins together and use them for the outside layer of the tepee.

We are going to make the Stage 2 cabins out of logs, thatch, sticks and bark. The logs are for building the walls of the cabin and the thatch is for the roof. The sticks are for the window frames and the bark is for the door.

The Stage 3 house is going to be made out of wood, stone, brick, tile, metal and glass. It will be a lot like the houses we live in now. The frame of the house will be stone, brick or wood. The tile is for the roof, the brick is for the chimney, and the metal is for the door.

We are excited to be able to help Earth people be safe, comfortable and happy when they settle on Artrix. The homes we help them build will meet their needs and use the resources available on the new planet.

The DreamExtreme Homes Team
Jon, Logan, Jacob, Kayla, and John


DE-Homes-3.JPG DE-Homes-4.JPG DE-Homes-5.JPG